M.Timuroğlu's Biography

Mesut Timuroğlu was born on 1976 in the city Nevşehir in Anatolia. He grew up in a family of six by the upbringing of his father Halit and his late mother Zeynep.

Next to his siblings Temuçin (Mustafa), Ömer Faruk und Gülay he can be counted as the youngest son in the family.

As a true-born scorpio, he characterizes as intelligent, ambitious and creative. These qualities lead to his career in the fashion industry. Since 1993 he modeled for known fashion brands for five years. From his learned profession in the construction industry he switched over to a german textile imperium with an over 500 year long history, in which he still works in today.

His life evolves around the arts. His passion includes drawing landscapes and portrait painting, reading and creating sketches. Keen on fashion, he spends his free time with outlining, cutting and sewing new creations. Scissors can be counted as his best friends.

Mesut Timuroglu